Landscape Hydrothermal Center

      Landscape Hydrothermal Center: [Re] Learning Geographical Atmospheres.
      28°09'17.0"N 15°25'55.3"W





“Maps codify the miracle of existence.” 
Nicholas Crane about G. Mercator

Landscape Hydrothermal Center  :  " [Re] - Learning Geographical Atmospheres. "
David del Valls

The project emerge as a parallel investigation beyond the proposal limits.
It's an exhaustive personal approach, isolated from current architectural standards, focused on an intimate artisan work, in line with the pre-existing conditions of the site. It creates a new artisanal language, expressed as a manuscript or a carthography.

The Isleta is a humble neighbourhood with an old fishing tradition, located in the geographical boundary between city, territory, and landscape. A contemporary limit, set by the Confital's protected area and the city of Las Palmas, who is continually forced to live from hand to mouth and accept a potentially unlimited environment. 
We immerse ourselves in it, we live it and we also have to survive. 
A limit which is unlimited, it’s not continuous; made of pieces, fragments, patchwork that have their continuity without being contiguous. And is on these limits, essential parts of the feeling and the life of the neighbourhood, where they acquire some key elements that express the overtime, talking about their past and melancholy of an open area on the shore. 

The project aims to enrol into the landscape working with certain pre-existing elements that assumes as building materials trying to establish a dialogue with the whole territory, with all the elements. Building on what’s built minimizing the impact on the territory, dematerializing into the landscape.

And this is how the landscape disappears, being itself the same landscape ...

"After all, it's just a trick. Yes, it's just a trick"


(CSCD,ASLA and Beijing University)